November 2023: November Already!

D.Z. Church:

It’s COMING January 15 – the second adventure of Cora Countryman and her townies finds Wanee in the middle of a drought and the town bracing for trouble. Yes, another Wanee Mystery. Keep your eyes out for more …

Janet Dawson:

Mary Stewart books

I’ve just been to Greece and while traveling, I reread two of the three Mary Stewart books set in Greece: The Moon-Spinners (Crete) and My Brother Michael (Delphi).

Those two places were on my itinerary, so the choices were appropriate. In particular, having just been to Delphi, as I read My Brother Michael, I could see the locations, fresh in my mind.

The Moon-Spinners is set in a small fishing village and the surrounding mountains and the plot revolves around murder and a robbery. It’s great fun. My Brother Michael has a plot that looks back at Greece during World War II and the equally brutal aftermath of the Greek Civil War. So does the book Decision at Delphi, by Helen MacInnes. That book starts in Sicily and heads for Athens, then winds up in Delphi, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus.

The Moon-Spinners

D. Z. Recommends:

In honor of Janet’s trip, and if you’re in the mood for an old-fashioned romp, find The Moon-Spinners movie with Hayley Mills, and the gorgeous Peter McEnery (oh, I meant gorgeous countryside, or did I?).

Pop some popcorn, round up the whole family (grandkids included) and enjoy.

So settle back on the sofa this Thanksgiving, replete with your feast, and escape to different locations with a great mystery.