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May 2024: Words: New, Old, Current, Passe

April 2024: The 700-Word Mystery

March 2024: Rainy Day Writers

February 2024: What Might Have Been But Wasn’t

January 2024: On the California Coast

December 2023: A Few of Our Favorite Things

November 2023: November Already!

October 2023: Boo! The 700-Word Mystery

September 2023: How It Starts: Favorite Beginnings

August 2023: Summer in Mind

July 2023: On Trial

June 2023: Getting Around: Transportation by the Books

May 2023: Nature in All Its Glory—and Pitfalls

April 2023: The Stuff of Dreams

March 2023: Something Old, Something New

February 2023: If Your Book Had a Soundtrack, What Would It Be?

January 2023: Hands on the Peacock, or New Year’s Resolutions

December 2022: The More Things Change

November 2022: Those First Three Paragraphs

October 2022: Ghoulies and Ghosties and Things That Go Bump

September 2022: How the Novel Begins and Ends

July 2022: Summer and the Water is Flowing

June 2022: Where We Write

May 2022: Writing Is Like…

April 2022: The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring

March 2022: A Lovely Place To Die

February 2022: Boo! Hiss! To Hearts and Flowers!

January 2022: Beginnings and Endings

December 2021: Characters and Clothes

November 2021: Life Intervenes

October 2021: Real Life, Future Plots

September 2021: Flames and Murder

July 2021: Why We Write What We Write

May 2021: How to Help an Author Eat

April 2021: The 700-Word Challenge

March 2021: Characters Who Demand Attention

February 2021: Love and Significant Others

January 2021: ‘Tis the Season! And Why!

December 2020: Who Tells the Story?

November 2020: Naming Cats and Characters

October 2020: The DNA Of It All

September 2020: September? Already?

August 2020: The Ones That Got Away—Or Did They?

July 2020: We Love Research!

June 2020: Getting To Know Us: Janet and D.Z. interview each other.